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I will also be posting my graphics here from now on :)

20 Cdramas (World's Finest, LoCH 2008)
33 Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 1-4
6 Kdramas (Brilliant Legacy, Cinderella Unni, Wish Upon a Star)
10 Regina Spektor
31 Glee 2.01
4 WALLPAPERS (SKKS - Moon Jaeshin, CU - Kihoon/Eunjo, Regina Spektor, Glee 1.07 )

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Credit misarte if you use
Comments are appreciated
Icons are not bases
Do not hotlink or claim them as your own
Join or friend this community if you want

Pack 114, 115 and 116

If you have any suggestions or requests for more of one type of textures, please post them here.


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- please credit misarte
- don't pass them off as your own, modify or redistribute them
- join/friend this com if you want
- comments are appreciated and even though I don't comment back, I do read them all so thank you!